Webinar for the Youth of Syunik region



Capacity Building of Young Activists of the Syunik region on engagement in self-governance

18-19 April, 15 May 2020

“Free Citizen” Civic Initiatives Support Center is continuing implementation of the project “V4 for Youth Engagement in the Local Self-Governance”.

On May 15, 2020, “Free Citizen” CISC organised a webinar for the local youth in the framework of the Project in the Syunik marz (region) of Armenia. This is the sixteenth of the 17 workshops, which are planned to organise in Armenia in the framework of the Project “V4 for Youth Engagement in the Local Self-Governance”. The workshops are dedicated to strengthening young civic activists on engagement with local self-governance, as well as raising awareness among participants on the European Union, Council of Europe, Eastern Partnership, Visegrad 4 format.

38 young civic activists from Syunik marz have participated in the webinar. During the webinar, it was also discussed the issues, which have been identified by the participants as more relevant for the Youth of their region.

  • Unemployment;
  • Ecology;
  • Non-developed cultural life in the region;
  • Youth capacity to engage with LSG bodies.

A representative of the regional LSG, met with youngsters and told them about the activities of the Local Self-Government. He also answered the questions.

The partners of the Project are GLOBSEC (Slovakia), SALTO Youth Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource (Poland), AGORA CE (Czech Republic), Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis (Hungary), Union of Communities of Armenia (Armenia).

Agenda of the Workshop is here.