Young Activist

 “Young Activist” Young Civic Activists Capacity Building in Social Campaigning

(The Project funded by International Visegrad Fund and the Government of the Netherlands)


The context of the Project

The main projects, aimed at building the capacity of CSOs in the rural areas of Armenia and Georgia covered so far mainly young people who were already motivated to participate and be engaged in such events. Yet, a lot of civic activists, including from minorities, often not even being registered as legal entities, even if being aware about such events, did not participate because of lack of motivation, feeling themselves alienated from such and any other formal processes. The other shortcoming of the ongoing and previous projects is that they did/are doing capacity building not for individuals, but for CSOs representatives and mainly in the field of organizational management, human resources management, budgeting, fundraising, reporting, project management, strategic planning, etc.

In the framework of the project we will search young activists through different channels—Facebook, other social networks, network of local persons, and our partners, who are working with youth in the regions, as well as in capitals of Armenia and Georgia. Once the target groups are detected, they will be invited to participate in workshops and other capacity building activities. The target group of the Project are young civic activists from the regions, who are more active not in so-called “indirect activities” (implementation of seminars, trainings, workshops, and monitoring), but in direct ones: who actively advocate for their own rights while being often under pressure, bring burning issues on the policy agenda at local and national levels, and try to contribute as much as they can.

Regional revelance

First, the EaP regional framework of the project will give an opportunity to young civic activists to network and understand better the regional agenda of the Eastern Partnership. On the one hand, V4 countries are the most successful ones from the previous USSR-led “socialist camp”, which achieved huge democratic changes and high level of development of civil society, and on the other hand, these countries remain much closer to the EaP countries in cultural/mentality meaning than Western European countries. Experience of our partners from the V4 countries could be useful for achieving the goal of the Project. Trainers from the V4 countries, will instruct the Project staff, and train the Summer the Summer School participants at the end of the Project.