Find a two differences

–  Hey, you, …. , Nikol* is our Savior
– Hey, you, …. , Nikol is our country destroyer
* Means Nikol Pashinyan, the Prime Minister of Armenia



No՛ to national/ethnic exclusivity/vanity

–  Hey, coots, when our Tigran the Great conquered half of the world – your ancestors have not yet climbed down a tree.



– Speaking of human rights, I mean the rights of men. When did women become people in order to have rights?
–  Bro, I am an Armenian man, following the traditions. Who are women to reckon with in the house? These are all perversions that came from Europe!


The important thing is to make the right choice, my daughter

A davil: “The cause of all your problems is the people around you, they are bad, they are vile, hate them, hate!”
An angel: “Look for the cause of all your problems in yourself, find them and overcome them by working on yourself, and good people will help you with this!”


The hatred is absurd and illogical…

Speaker speech: “LGBT people threaten the security of Armenia, as they do not breed, creating a demographic problem”
Exclamation of the protester: “Yes, burn them so that they do not multiply!”
Signs on the posters:
“The goal of LGBT people is the destruction of Armenia”
“LGBT people are spies sent by Soros”


Such homophobia…

–  Look at these degenerates, honney!
–  Cattle, let the animal go, if you don’t listen to me, you will grow up and become as corrupted as these.


“Saint” xenophobes…“If you don’t say a prayer “Our Father” right now, I’ll smash your head with this cross”

No՛ to religious zealotry and intolerance

“I order you to carry out the genocide of all Amalekites, not to spare even babies. Before you leave Egypt, borrow precious clothes and jewelry from your Egyptian neighbors and trick them. And if you do not fulfill all my covenants exactly, I will subject you and your people, which I have chosen to the most severe persecutions and sufferings, as I am your Lord God, the God of love, kindness and justice – Jehovah.”