Capacity Building of Young Civic Activists of Ararat region, Armenia




“Free Citizen” Civic Initiatives Support Center and Public Movement Multinational Georgia in partnership with People in Need (Czech Republic) and SALTO Youth Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource (Poland) continuing implementation of the project “Young Activist” Young Civic Activists Capacity Building in Social Campaigning. The project is financing by the International Visegrad Fund (IVF, Bratislava, Slovakia) and Netherlands Government.

On 26 November 2017 “Free Citizen” CISC organised the workshop for the local youth in the framework of the Project in the city of Artashat, Ararat region of Armenia.  This was the sixth from 12 workshops, which are planned to organise in Armenia in the framework of the Project “Young Activist”. The workshops are dedicated to raising awareness among participants on the European Union, Council of Europe, Eastern Partnership, Visegrad 4 format, as well as providing general information about campaigning, including social media, public speaking and debating and other relevant topics.

15 young civic activists from all over Ararat region participated in the workshop.

During the event it was also discussed the following issues, which have been identified by the participants as more relevant for the Youth of their region:

  • – The passiveness of the civil society youth, low level of youth involvement in local self-governance.
  • – Unemployment, especially among the youth;
  • – Corruption in self-government bodies;
  • – Low level of democracy;
  • – Environmental issues;
  • – Attitude towards political prisoners and civic activists in the society;
  • – Gender inequality and stereotypes in our region;
  • – The problem of effective career orientation for university and college applicants – based on the market needs;
  • – Lack of awareness of citizens of their own rights, opportunities, came from the EC and EU member states, their potential of civic activism and volunteering;
  • – The absence of youth leisure activities;
  • – Transport issues for students.