Young Activists of Armenia and Georgia




“Young Activist” project

The “Young Activist” project was implemented by the “Free Citizen” Civic Initiatives’ Support Center and the Public Movement Multinational Georgia, in collaboration with “People in Need” (Czech Republic) and SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resources Center (Poland). The project was financed by the International Visegrad Fund and the Netherlands’ Government.

The main goal of the Project was the Capacity Building of Young Civic Activists in Social Campaigning and Public Speaking. More than 300 young activists, out of which 100 are from Georgia and 200 from Armenia, had the opportunity to strengthen their skills and competences in social advocacy campaigns and public speaking, in the framework of “Young Activist” Project implemented in various regions of Armenia and Georgia.

By coincidence, following the last of the 18 workshops held within the framework of the project in April 2018, the Velvet Revolution broke out in Armenia and most of the “graduates” of the project made a considerable contribution to the successful outcome of the “upheaval” as many of them were active organisers of protests in their respective communities.