Coordination Meeting To Facilitate The “Black Sea NGO Network On PPP In The Cultural Sector”


Coordination Meeting To Facilitate The „Black Sea NGO Network On PPP In The Cultural Sector”


– Follow-up 8th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum –

Radisson Blu Hotel Kiev City Center, 22 Yaroslaviv Val Street



October 11 2016, Kiev

Coordination Meeting to facilitate The „Black Sea NGO Network on PPP in the Cultural Sector” was organized by the “Free Citizen” Civic Initiatives Support Center with financial support of the Black Sea NGO Forum and European Commission.

The event major goal was to improve the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in cultural sector and facilitate active involvement of stakeholders as well as civil society in planning, decision making and implementation process concerning the development of cultural / Art sector.

  • Short Presentations by several participants on existing stage of Cutlural sector in each country was made;
  • Workshop on issues of PPP in culture – international experince and succesful forms – presetned by invited speaker/expert;
  • „Creative Europe” – major programs and opportunities for NGOs was presented;
  • PROJECT IDEAS was presented by participants;
  • 3 project ideas was sellected by open voting of participants;
  • Discussions – in the 3 separated groups on appropriate sellected Project ideas, to formulate suggestions on the development of the joint Projects for further improvements in art/cultural policy and PPP was organized;
  • Practical outline for further cooperation and action steps of networking group was defined.


Representatives from the 30 organizations participаted in the meeting. Each organization represented by one person.

Organisations was presented  Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia (from this list 4 countries–Turkey, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine–are partially participated in the Creative Europe program and Armenia going to sign the agreement on participation soon).

Organizations – was selected from Black Sea NGO Forum ”Education and Culture” WG as well as active organizations from cultural sector was added based on recommendations of WG members from Black Sea region countries that provided their positive input. From 2 to 5 organisation representatives was sellected from each above mentioned  countries based on the nominations from the Black Sea NGO Forum «Culture and Education» WG members/interested participants.

Culture and Education plays significant role in development of country/region and the society. It creates Cultural and social value as it shapes individual and collective identities, facilitates Social Change since Art/Culture (like education) is most powerful tool to promote democratic values of civil society and also brings Economic benefits.

At this stage, in majority of countries of Black Sea region there is lack of understanding of importance of Art/cultural industry, lack of strong public-private partnership in culture, lack of linkage and cooperation between various stakeholders both on national and regional level. Especially, should be mentioned that no close cooperation and sufficient joint projects are taking place among Black Sea various countries.

Taking into account existing situation (problematic areas and needs) suggested event had following objectives to address:

  • To develope the network/working group of organizations active/interested in cultural/education sector in the Black Sea Region, established during the Black Sea NGO Forum on November 2-3 2015.
  • To Facilitate and support process of PPP in cultural sector of the Black Sea region
  • Identify the potential areas for cooperation and 3 specific projects for joint implementation.


During the event also future goals and major directions of activity of Working Group on Education and Culture was discussed:



  • Facilitation of  PPP in Cultural Sector  – participative involvement of cultural sector in policy making
  • Facilitate Networking with Cultural organizations and development of creative industry in Black Sea
  • Facilitation of Networking in Art/Culture within Black Sea Region
  • Art/Culture for regional Peace and Security – create regional identity


Activities / Action Steps: 

  • Mobilization and networking inside of each country & regional level
  • Lobbying Art/culture & Creative industries inside each country & regional level
  • Facilitation of Art Residencies / Cultural Exchanges
  • Matchmaking between each countries artists (music, art, film etc.) to facilitate the collaboration and joint art/cultural events and products
  • Communication – for effective communication between group members will be created Google /Facebook Group/ Facebook page of group. In this closed group will be put one page presentation of each organization


Sub-groups – in future will be necessary to create sub-groups in Working Group which will have following directions:

  • Education and skills development / Capacity Building in Art/Cultural Sector
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Audio-Visual Art (Photography/Cinema/Multimedia/Music)
  • Art and Society – art for social development and changes


The Need to have also smaller meetings inside of country, and later – on regional levels was defined. Also the need of exchange experience and talk/present each others experience to local city councils was underlined.

ONE project idea – for BLACK SEA MARSHAL FUND – networking event of cultural managers was suggested:

  • Networking –    should include mapping of institutions in each sub-group;
  • To make familiar with Romanian and Bulgarian ministers of cultures;
  • To identify the strategic direction – platform or network.


Black Sea – is specific region – has EU and Non-EU states.

There is small cultural awareness about each other. Need to organize awareness rising.

Networking – with other NETWORKS – like Scandinavia, Balkans, Black Sea NGO Network, Visegrad, etc.


Selected projects.

Participants of the meeting selected 3 projects (attached) from the 9:

  1. “1900+” Contemporary Music Festival for Black Sea Region Countries (BSRC)
  2. Disoriented Orientation.

Those projects were promoted during the Black Sea NGO forum in Varna among representatives of the donor organizations and institutions. But there is still need to coordinate the work between partners to reach the writing of final proposals and applying for grants.


Agenda of the Event

Concept of the Event

Presentation of the Black Sea NGO Forum Working Group “Education and Culture”

Presentation “PPP projects in the cultural sector in Russia”